Schulhaus Niederhasli

Niederhasli Primary School has a new lighting and layout concept

When it was clear that the existing teaching areas at Niederhasli Primary School were no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the future, the school commissioned an extension to the building. As a lighting solution partner, RIBAG provided the best visual and perceptual conditions.

The architect’s office of Graser Architekten AG from Zurich blended the external look and design of the extension to fit in with the existing structure. The internal space could be adapted to suit the school’s needs by using sliding walls, which meant there were no supporting elements to restrict the layout of the room inside. The use of the open area was enhanced with the appropriate lighting. Thanks to the freely arranged PUNTO mounted lamps of different sizes, both the pupils and the teachers now come together in a bright and friendly setting.

Extension of Linden schoolhouse, Niederhasli

Niederhasli County Council, Property Division, Dorfstrasse 17, 8155 Niederhasli

Graser Architekten AG, Mr Beda Troxler, Badenerstrasse 18, 8004 Zurich

Lighting Design
RIBAG Licht AG, Nicole Faltinek

Project history
Start of planning August 2014 – Completed in 2016

Bright meeting areas

Bright meeting areas

The open staircase, which stretches up to under the glass roof with its corridor and meeting zones, is now also illuminated with PUNTOs. The round surface-mounted lamps help people in the school building to easily recognise and find the meeting areas. The head teacher of the school, Beatrix Stüssi, really likes the open staircases bathed in light: "It is transformed into a living space," she says impressed. On the ground floor, the entrance hall is also generously suffused with light, and it can be used as an assembly hall and multi-purpose room.

Schulhaus Niederhasli
Schulhaus Niederhasli

The ambient lighting in the classrooms and group rooms was created with METRON mounted strip lighting. Working together with the architect, the ceiling was designed in such a way that the wooden slats and lamps were of the same size. This meant that the lamps could fit neatly into the finished look of the ceiling and create a harmonious feel. As additional lighting features, the SPINAled wallwasher mounted elements create a very even and pleasant lighting for the wall panels.

RIBAG supplied a total of 102 PUNTO, 137 METRON and 8 SPINAled lamps to Niederhasli Primary School.

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