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Café Rössli, Erlinsbach 06. April 2021

Light and bright ambience
RIBAG CUBO Wall lamp

A lot has changed in the village of Erlinsbach: in the centre, Café Rössli has recently opened in the existing building of the Rössli centre. It invites to visit and as a new central point for the village it has become an important meeting place for the locals. Nicole Faltinek, lighting designer at RIBAG, was able to help shape the Café with a convincing lighting concept.

Erlinsbach lies directly on the canton border between Solothurn and Aargau. With the creation of Café Rössli, a village centre was created, offering residents of both cantons a place for meeting up and having exciting discussions.

Prior to the opening of the café, a warehouse for the beverage trade was housed at the same place. The complete renovation has opened up a variety of options for turning the dark storage room into an inviting café. In close cooperation with the property owner, Thut Architekten AG from Aarau planned a bright café flooded with light. With additional walls, the architects reorganised the entire floor plan. Multiple windows provide the necessary daylight, the acoustic ceiling creates a pleasant indoor atmosphere.

André Varone, Erlinsbach

Property owners
Clientis Bank Küttigen-Erlinsbach AG

Thut Architekten AG, Aarau

Von Arx Elektro AG, Niedergösgen

Lighting design
Nicole Faltinek, RIBAG Licht AG

Felix Wey

The café is divided into two zones. In one area, the sales counter with bar is housed, in the other the café itself. The different functions required equally different lighting solutions.

LUNIK recessed spotlights in white with a warm tone, served as the basic light above the sales counter. They have a wide light distribution (45°) and therefore produce uniform and bright illumination of the entire room. Above the bar, VERTICO pendant lighting fixtures in a special pearl beige colour, provide harmonious accents – also installed with a warm light colour.

The same LUNIK recessed spotlights were also used in the seating area of the café as the basic lighting. To create a cosy atmosphere, however, they were narrow-beamed (25°) and installed with an extra warm tone.Targeted use of a few LUNIK lighting fixtures reduced the light intensity. Additional CUBO wall lights, also in the special pearl beige colour and with an extra warm light colour, emphasise the cosy character.

METRON downlights skilfully spotlight the murals in the sales area, the cloakroom and the dry stone wall in the café. The functional lighting of the rear rooms, which include kitchen, storage and a staff lounge, has been achieved using METRON lighting fixtures with opal diffuser.

RIBAG CUBO Wall lamp

RIBAG CUBO Wall lamp in the Café Rössli, Erlinsbach

RIBAG VERTICO Pendant lamp

VERTICO Pendant lamp in the café Rössli, Erlinsbach

RIBAG VERTICO Pendant lamps

VERTICO Pendant lamps in the café Rössli, Erlinsbach

RIBAG VERTICO Pendant lamps

VERTICO Pendant lamps in the café Rössli, Erlinsbach

RIBAG CUBO Wall lamp RIBAG VERTICO Pendant lamp RIBAG VERTICO Pendant lamps RIBAG VERTICO Pendant lamps
Inspiration — Café Rössli, Erlinsbach