Customized VIOR solution for the cruise ship Explorer Dream

In spring 2019 the cruise ship Explorer Dream was completely renovated. As a new lighting solution, RIBAG supplied 361 white VIOR luminaires as customized solution with Tunable White for the restaurant areas and the casino.

The 268 metre long cruise liner, designed by Meyer Werft (DE), runs over a dozen decks and navigates mainly in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The nearly 1900 passengers have the choice to have their meals in one of the 17 different bars and restaurants.

Specialist partners

Station 2000, SE

Lighting Design

Christophe Mourou, Integration Design, SE
Peter Wennerberg, Wennerberg & Wennerberg AB, SE

Ulf Viljanen, SE / RIBAG LICHT AG

With VIOR, RIBAG supplied a variable lighting solution for the Palace Casino & Restaurant - an exclusive VIP area with luxury suites -, for the Pizzeria & Osteria as well as for various lounge and transit areas. RIBAG engineers developed, especially for the cruise ship, a Tunable white LED chip for VIOR.

Latest technology on board

Since cruise ships generate electricity on board, the increased environmental requirements and energy efficiency are of great importance in the choice of lighting. Lighting solutions with LED technology are gradually replacing conventional lighting on board. With their low energy consumption and up to 100,000 operating hours, VIOR point light sources are an extremely sustainable lighting solution. Their low heat dissipation also makes them ideal for fire protection on board.

The change from classic recessed spots to combined downlights with ceiling illumination shows that the lighting comfort could be significantly increased compared to the old solution. The luminaire, which has received two awards for its design, is a real eye-catcher in the interior. With its timeless appearance and variable atmospheric design thanks to the changeable light colour, it can be used in a wide variety of areas and impresses with its integrated on-board lighting concept.

Implementation of a customized solution

"The challenge with this project was the low ceiling height of 220 cm, which gives the different rooms a slightly constricting feeling. Peter Wennerberg, one of the leading swedish lighting designers at Wennerberg & Wennerberg AB, recommended me VIOR, a compact direct/indirect luminaire with precise lighting technology. This provided me with the ideal product which, together with RIBAG, could be adapted to the requirements of the on-board application. The ceiling height is noticeably increased and a pleasant lighting atmosphere is created," explains Christoph Mourou, lighting designer at Integration Design and head of planning on board.

"Since one of the rooms was the Casino, with an interior in many different colours and finishes such as gold and marble, we decided early on to work with Tunable White light sources. This was essential to make these interiors look as they should. For example, a gold or brass surface can take on a green tone when illuminated with the inappropriate colour temperature. Something we wanted to avoid ", explains Christophe Mourou.

The installation was carried out by local contractors in Singapore and the lighting designer only came on board in the last week before completion to carefully adjust the lighting scenes in the restaurant areas, casino and luxury suites. "The ability to calibrate the colour temperature was critical to the casino's stunning appearance. The gold tones of the interior are brought to life," he continues. "The result is very beautiful and we are looking forward to illuminating the next luxury cruise ship."

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