New bar concept with innovative, discreet lighting solution

The premises of Estermann AG have been located in the industrial quarter of Geuensee (LU) for about 10 years. The construction company accommodates an event hall for company events, weddings and birthday parties in its own headquarters and, since recently, also the "Bar 1877", which is open to the public. This is run by the former managing director Hans Winiker, who invested a lot of heart and soul in its development. With innovative lighting solutions from RIBAG, a unique feel-good atmosphere with brilliant lighting effects has been created.

The stylish interior design is perfectly coordinated. Natural materials harmonize and radiate warmth: The walls are clad in quarry stone, the bar is delineated by a playful wooden ceiling, and the stylish furnishings feature natural tones. "After prior concept development by an interior designer, we quickly realized that we wanted to realize our own ideas," explains Hans Winiker, who, together with his family, selected wallpaper, furniture, and lamps and furnished the bar. .

Lighting design
Christian Forster Lighting Designer SLG, Licht-Pavillon, 6233 Büron
Michael Hochuli, RSK Elektro AG, 6210 Sursee

Laura Dörig, lighting consultant, Licht-Pavillon, 6233 Büron

Electrical installations
RSK Elektro AG, 6210 Sursee, Michael Hochuli

Hans Winiker

Patrick Hürlimann

The adjacent event room and the bar are separated from each other by a partition wall and can easily be joined together when a larger party is on site. Developing a lighting concept that would serve both separate and shared uses was a challenge. "Even though we ultimately selected the luminaires ourselves, we needed a professional for the lighting concept," says Hans Winiker. He found that professional in the Licht-Pavillon in nearby Büron.

Lighting concept
"We were brought in when it was noticed that the implementation of the lighting needs with the different uses of the space was very challenging," explains Christian Forster, lighting designer SLG of the Licht-Pavillon. "Already our first design inspired and was finalized. Hans Winiker and his wife Cecil visited us in our RIBAG exhibition, for the optimal matching of the lamps to the interior design."

MILUM recessed lamps

The new MILUM lighting system with downlights and wallwashers as recessed versions with a black look was selected. These elements could be perfectly integrated into the dark ceiling of the bar. In order to coordinate the open use of both rooms, the experienced lighting designer planned the lamps on the light axes of the existing adjoining room. On these axes, he was able to cover all needs with different types of lamps. The basic lighting of the room is provided by MILUM downlights in transverse axes to the length of the room. Their high light brilliance accentuates the colors of the furnishings and creates a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.

The end of each downlight line is made by a MILUM wallwasher, which stages the history of the company Estermann AG depicted on the wall.

MILUM recessed lamps

The two MILUM lighting systems Downlight (left) and Wallwasher (right) convince with a barely visible light emission and high luminous intensity at the same time. Due to the high brilliance, the lighting effect is in the foreground, while the lamp is discreetly restrained in design. The wallwasher directs the light evenly, directly from the ceiling edge, uniformly over the wall.

On the window side as well as in the entrance area, built-in black VERTICO directional spotlights stage the tables and wall details.

Perfect illumination

The two passageways to the left and right of the bar are illuminated by SPARK recessed spotlights and wallwashers. The various lighting solutions, all recessed, are discreet and unobtrusive, providing perfect illumination and highlighting the details of the materials used in a highly visible way.

Perfect illumination

In the separate Smoker Lounge, Hans Winiker has installed a special ceiling with integrated air purification system. Dimmable KIVO ceiling lamps create an incomparable ambience for cozy hours. The various whisky, rum, and cognac varieties are complemented by a matching selection of cigars in the humidor - a room for bon-vivants, as he is one himself.

The client is very satisfied with the lighting solution and proudly shows all the different lighting scenes that were programmed for him according to the use of the room and the desired ambience. Christian Forster also finds the solution very successful and praises the cooperation: "RIBAG has been a reliable partner for us for many years. In the innovative strength and the courage to try something new, I sense many parallels to my personal passion for light. For more than 15 years, we have mutually cultivated a familiar and solution-oriented cooperation and look forward to further projects," he concludes his remarks.

Bar 1877, which includes the founding year of Estermann AG, offers a selection of international wines, beers and spirits. Those who get hungry will find " showpieces" as Hans Winiker affectionately calls them in the small but fine menu.
"With this project I want to offer the region something extraordinary, it should be a space for everyone, for young and old." Hans Winiker has even founded a "Club 1877," consisting of about 40 members who made an initial contribution as sponsors. Their names are immortalized on engraved wine carafes in the entrance area.

It has been ready for opening since October 2020, but due to pandemic restrictions no guests could be received yet. The grand opening celebration is tentatively scheduled for May 15, 2021.

Portrait of the client

For 40 years Hans Winiker was the managing director of Estermann AG and built up the company to its present size. Freshly retired, the son of a family of innkeepers can now devote himself entirely to his hobby. As he says about himself, he can "only construct and host" and laughs heartily. He has had the patent in his pocket for a month and everything is ready for the opening. In the future, friends and acquaintances will meet here. The bar will be open three evenings a week, from Thursday to Saturday, "so that it remains a hobby," grins Hans Winiker. His wife Cecil and his daughter Sabrina helped a lot with this family project. He says with pride that the ideas and concepts for the interior design came from his wife Cecil, his "creative muse," who decorated the entire company building and also the couple's apartment with dedication over the years. In the kitchen, Hans Winiker wields the wooden spoon: from surprise appetizers to daily hits, from giant shrimp to scallops to cheese and sausage salad, he prepares everything fresh himself. "I hope I can continue to handle this in the same way. If it gets too much for me, I call in my colleagues from the cooking club," explains the passionate wine lover. He receives creative support in menu development from his daughter Sabrina, a trained food engineer and pastry chef. To ensure that the bar also offers the necessary variety, Hans Winiker already has plans for the summer months: the spacious outdoor area is to inspire as a beer garden with Bavarian cuisine. Then music is played, in addition "Haxn, Hendl, white sausages and pretzel" are served and on a large screen sport events are transferred.

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