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With the launch of MILUM, RIBAG has achieved another highlight: the miniaturised and compactly designed lighting system impresses with precise light control, technology at the highest level and meticulous workmanship. This was also honoured by the expert jury of the Red Dot Award and awarded MILUM the coveted label.

The miniaturised SPARK downlight family convinced the international jury and won the iF DESIGN AWARD.

VIOR has expanded its product range with the addition of the bright VIOR bold, which is ideally suited for use in spacious meeting or transit areas and provides high visual comfort for an optimal working atmosphere in offices and educational rooms.

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The further development of ARVA with lens optics results in the new KIVO product family with individual diaphragm materializations. SPARK represents another milestone. The miniaturised recessed luminaire combined with the high-precision Bartenbach reflector technology offers superlative lighting technology.

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Launch of the universal lighting solution VIOR and the customisable ARVA Draft & Craft Collection (RIBAG Design Studio) with wood and leather shades for optimal coordination with individual interior design, launch of AROA standard lamp (RIBAG Design Studio), new colour variations for AROA mounted and pendant lamps (RIBAG Design Studio) as well as a perforated metal diffuser for flexible light regulation (RIBAG Design Studio).

AROA wins the iF Design Award.

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Launch of AROA (RIBAG Design Studio), METRON Office (RIBAG Design Studio), MESH special edition bronze/black (RIBAG Design Studio).

New motto “cultivated,” launch of in-house magazine “cultivated,” website relaunch, and launch of online shop for trade partners. Implementation of social media activities.

MESH wins the Red Dot Design Award.

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Launch of VERTICO (elegant accent lights with variable beam angles and adjustable lighting colour, design: RIBAG Design Studio), MESH (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland).

Market launch of RibagAir Smart Lighting (comfortable and wireless lighting control).

Red Dot Award 2017 for MESH. Iconic Award for VERTICO.

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Launch of SPINAled chrome (design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland and Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland), METRON downlight (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland), ARVA (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland).

ARVA wins the Innovation Award.

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Launch of OVISO®, the world's first complete luminaire family with OLED technology (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland), awarded the "Interior Innovation Award 2015", "iF Design Award Gold 2015" and "Red Dot Award Winner 2015".
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Launch of METRON (versatile LED lighting system with flexible, combinable lighting elements, design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland), SPYKE (LED spotlight system with different reflectors, reflectors at 15º, 25º, 40º, design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland), LUNIK (LED downlight, design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland) 

PUNTO wins the Red Dot Design Award, SPINAled wins Special Mention 2014 for particular design quality in the Working Spaces category of the German Design Award.

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Launch of SPINAled (design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland, and Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland), PUNTO (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland), CUBO (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland).

Establishment of RIBAG Holding AG.

Conception and implementation of an iPad app.

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Launch of TWIST LED spotlight series (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland)

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15-year anniversary, launch of SPINAstrip (design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland, and Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland): A fluorescent lamp was supplied with light right to the very end for the first time in history. SQUARE LED flatlights (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland), LECO hybrid pendant lamp (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland)

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Launch of FLISC (pendant lamp, design: Thomas Steuri). First use of LED lighting technology.

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Launch of KALA (lighting design both indoors and outdoors, design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland). E A S Y control allowed for comfortable control of individual lights and lamp groups.

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Launch of TIRA (shadow-free strip lighting and focused spotlights, design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland).

Establishment of RIBAG Immobilien AG.


Launch of SPINAquick (tool-free shade and reflector installation, design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland), SCIP (design: Daniel Kübler, Zurich, Switzerland) and OPDISC (standard lighting range, design: Hannes Wettstein)

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Launch of SPINAclear mounted lamps (design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland)

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Launch of BIGSPIRO (recessed spotlight, design: Roland Eberle, Zurich, Switzerland) and UNIQ (standard, pendant, wall, mounted, or recessed lamp, design: Atelier Oï, La Neuveville, Switzerland).

Establishment of Ribag Licht GmbH, Freiburg (DE)

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Launch of lighting ranges BLOX (floodlights that can be rotated and swivelled, design: Jürgen Medebach, Kandern, Germany) and MAGNETIC (light columns with colour or white light and remote, design: Atelier Oï, La Neuveville, Switzerland)

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Launch of SPIRO lighting range (spotlight system, design: Roland Eberle, Zurich, Switzerland) and CAPO (as a standard lamp, reading lamp, or table lamp, design: Marco Carenini, Kilchberg, Switzerland)

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Launch of lighting ranges SPINA (design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland) and MELO (design: Marco Carenini, Kilchberg, Switzerland, specially designed for the energy-saving lamp). Announcement of RELUX lighting calculation programme.

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Launch of the CAMBIO lighting range with blown opal glass sphere.  Design: Ulrich Beckert, Georg Soanca-Pollak, Peter Thammer. Award: Goldener Stecker (Golden Plug)


Launch of the QUARTO lighting range based on the bright TC-TEL energy-saving lamp (design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland)

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Launch of the VARIO lighting range (design: Jürgen Medebach, Kandern, Germany)

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Launch of the first RIBAG TRAPEZ lamps (design: Erwin Egli, Basel, Switzerland)


On 7 December 1994, Heinrich Richner founded the RIBAG Licht AG company with the vision of a “luminous line.”  TRAPEZ, the world’s first fluorescent lamp lighting range, was developed for modern living and sophisticated object areas based on the energy-saving T-8 fluorescent lamp.

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