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The start-up company Vision-Inside AG in Wetzikon near Zurich moved into its newly renovated office space in February 2017. The IT company specialises in the areas of telecommunications, computer science, multimedia and security and is, as a consequence, very au fait with complex technologies.

It even sought a modern concept for its own premises. The ultra-modern infrastructure offers ideal conditions for an ergonomic work place. Light also plays a crucial role here.

Vision-Inside AG
Buchgrindelstrasse 13
8620 Wetzikon

Interior Designer
Sandro Hunziker
Aroma Productions AG

Felix Wey

Modern Lighting Concept

Modern Lighting Concept

A custom-made lighting concept by Interior Designer, Sandro Hunziker from Aroma Productions AG provides light, uniform and work-friendly premises. Working off 140 lumens per watt, the MESH pendant lamp illuminates the 36 workstations with maximum efficiency. The distribution of direct light, shaped like a batwing, reduces the number of lamps required whilst still achieving the same level of light over all the workstations. Due to its variable light colour and intensity (2,700 to 5,700 K) and perfect anti-glare control (UGR < 16), MESH is excellently suited to workstations with demanding visual tasks. In addition to providing general lighting, the energy-optimised direct/indirect percentage of light (75%/25%) creates just the right amount of brightness for the individual workstations thanks to the micro-lens technology and grid structure. The fabric-like grid is the perfect combination of creativity, functionality and aesthetics. Because of its timeless design, MESH can be easily integrated in any architectural setting.

The ARVA lighting range is used in the rest of the rooms on the premises such as the meeting room, lounge with integrated kitchen, meeting area and reception. The numerous application possibilities as a pendant and mounted lamp or lighting element make it possible to create a universal lighting solution. Lamps with lens optics or opal covers are used depending on the requirements. The use of ARVA pendant lamps with lens optics (CRI 95) in the reception area creates a welcoming and decorative accent lighting for receiving visitors.  By contrast, a playful arrangement of differently sized mounted elements in the meeting area creates a uniform interior lighting for working.

Energy-efficient Lighting Control with RibagAir

The RibagAir system controls the lamps. The light can be easily planned, installed and extended with this clever and encrypted wireless technology. Individual lamps can be managed and assigned to different groups and scenes without the need for complex control wiring and programming. In addition to this, RibagAir offers yet more lighting comfort in conjunction with energy savings. Because RibagAir lamps are based on the open ZigBee wireless standard, they can be networked with Smart Buildings, thereby enabling intelligent interactions with other systems. All the light can be controlled for individual and zone-specific requirements by means of wireless wall switches and mobile devices. The ideal lighting scene can be produced in this way with the greatest flexibility. But RibagAir lamps also automatically create the right light at the right time: biodynamic light from RIBAG is designed to imitate natural light, so the intensity and colour of the light changes as the day progresses. It works like the clock of our internal timekeeper and has a positive influence on our well-being. The lack of natural light adversely impacts on the body's natural rhythms, but biodynamic, high-quality LED lighting can positively influence our body and hormonal balance. Biodynamic light supports our energy levels and ability to concentrate while promoting good health and well-being in the workplace.

Energy-efficient Lighting Control with RibagAir

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