Schulhaus Rotweg

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In the Lake Zurich municipality of Wädenswil, the architects at Meletta Strebel Architekten have created a new upper stage schoolhouse, which has been integrated into the urban design of the existing school complex. The three-storey, wood-clad upper construction rises from a concrete base. The rooms are distributed over four floors: the basement with its creative uses, the ground floor with its more public uses and two floors of classrooms with extended learning environments.

Year of construction

Wädenswil ZH

Meletta Strebel Architekten AGLighting design
EE Design GmbH, Basel

Schulhaus Rotweg
Schulhaus Rotweg

Bright meeting areas

Lamps from the PUNTO and METRON product ranges were used to provide optimal lighting outside the classrooms in the access zones and common areas; these were supplemented with recessed spotlights from the LUNIK range. Lighting designer Erwin Egli explains why he chose the PUNTO lamps: "PUNTO lamps give the impression that they are floating on ceilings or walls due to their technical lighting properties. They look like they are not connected to the ceiling". Thanks to its opal diffuser made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, the LED lamp displays a high level of stability should any object in the recreation hall happen to fly upwards. "The PUNTO ceiling lamps can be positioned anywhere in the room in three different sizes. As a result, the round light fixtures give off a playful and relaxed feel in the recreation hall, in contrast to the lighting in the surrounding classrooms," continues Egli. PUNTO wall lamps were fitted in the stairwells.

Bright meeting areas

To contrast with the round PUNTO, the METRON lighting system was used where linear light was needed to help boost the amount of lighting, such as in the stair areas. Thanks to the series mounting, it was possible to position the lamps precisely in relation to the stairwell sections. The timeless elegant LED downlight LUNIK complements the accurate illumination of the various rooms and where bright lighting accents were needed.

Ribag ultimately supplied a total of 358 PUNTO lamps, 166 METRON and 75 LUNIK downlights for the Rotweg Schoolhouse in Wädenswil.

Products used:

PUNTO Ø 250/320/420 mm PUNTO Ø 250/320/420 mm
METRON with diffuser opal METRON with diffuser opal