Kita Therwil

Conversion of an old barn into a modern day-care centre for children

Therwil is changing from an agricultural village to a growing small town. The development area close to the city for small and medium-sized businesses serves as attractive living space for professionals in the catchment area of Basel. In addition to old buildings worthy of protection, the newest residential buildings are designed for use by families. 

In the midst of this heterogeneous building and usage structure was the empty residential building with attached barn, like a relic of a bygone era. The municipality of Therwil decided to restore the building and meet the growing demand for living space and childcare.

LOST Architekten GmbH
Basel (CH)

Light planning
Erwin Egli, EE-Design GmbH
Basel (CH)

Serge Hasenböhler

A design concept was required which took due account of the special features of the building in terms of preservation of historical monuments and typology and realised the requirements of future users in accordance with a contemporary project in terms of both function and design. The project was awarded to the team of architects LOST Architekten GmbH from Basel and equipped with RIBAG's future-oriented lighting solution.

The residential building was renovated and spatially adapted to contemporary needs. The former day-care centre opposite was given new space by the conversion of the former barn wing. While the residential building could be preserved in its former structure, the barn wing was replaced by a new timber-framed construction. A largely windowless, air-permeable building was converted into a modern day room for children. With the use of an acoustic ceiling, the architects created a pleasant room climate. The new modern kitchen of the KITA was framed by the traditional half-timbered structure of the former barn. With bright wooden walls and new windows, the KITA was given a homely ambience.

Kita Therwil
Kita Therwil

The modern lighting solution responds to the various needs of the children: In the meeting zones, round PUNTO luminaires create a comfortable atmosphere for playing, while linear METRON luminaires provide the necessary relaxation in the recreation rooms.

"In order to create the most uniform lighting image possible, diffuse luminaires were used which interact perfectly with the surfaces of the rooms by optimally reproducing the wood and colour tones on which the luminaires are mounted and reflecting them back into the room," says Erwin Egli, lighting designer at EE-Design GmbH, explaining his choice of RIBAG luminaires for the KITA Therwil. "Thanks to the lateral light emission, the luminaires are glare-free and pleasant for children playing or resting. The mild light emission and the adjustable brightness in the recreation rooms have a calming effect".

In combination with the daylight, the adjustable lighting solution supports the natural bio-rhythm of the children and protects the economic budget of the day care centre thanks to its high energy efficiency.

Used products:
PUNTO Ø 250/320/420 mm PUNTO Ø 250/320/420 mm