Hotel Monte Mare

Individualised lighting solution for the Hotel Monte Mare, Andernach

Relax, enjoy and create balance. In the recently opened wellness and business hotel Monte Mare in Andernach (D) everything revolves around well-being and regeneration of body, mind and soul. To highlight the special materials in the reception area, RIBAG supplied custom-made VERTICO pendant luminaires and surface-mounted spotlight elements.

Located in the picturesque Middle Rhine Valley, the hotel has 16 rooms and four suites, thematically based on the four elements fire, water, air and earth. When furnishing the hotel, the Monte Mare architects and engineers also attached great importance to natural materials in the reception area. "In order to optimally stage these materials, it was obvious that focusable luminaires were needed," says Dirk Haubrich from Scola Wohnkonzepte in Andernach, explaining the choice of VERTICO luminaires.

Hotel Monte Mare
Klingelswiese 1, 56626 Andernach, (DE)

Monte Mare Architekten und Ingenieure
Rengsdorf (DE)

Lighting concept
Dirk Haubrich
Scola Wohnkonzepte,
Hochstrasse 2, 56626 Andernach (DE)

Tölle Studios GmbH
Iserlohn (DE)

Matching the dark basalt and the processed wood, VERTICO luminaires from the Draft & Craft Collection were used in matt black with a matt gold focusing ring. "The accentuation with vertical lighting and the soft streaks of light create a certain 'drama'. In addition, the high colour rendering index optimally accentuates the materials used," explains Dirk Haubrich.

Hotel Monte Mare
Hotel Monte Mare

Above the reception in the foyer, VERTICO pendant luminaires radiating downwards create a calm ambience in which the guest feels at home. In the remaining reception areas, VERTICO surface-mounted spotlight elements of the same material were used. The custom-made products blend in particularly unobtrusively with the rooms and consistently allow interior design to take precedence.

VERTICO Draft & Craft

VERTICO Draft & Craft

With the new Draft & Craft Collection, RIBAG implements individualised creative services for customers - handcrafted and tailored to specific requirements. "We opted for RIBAG because a convincing manufacturing service was required. For this project, we wanted to have a luminaire manufactured to our specifications," says Dirk Haubrich, explaining his choice. "In addition to high quality, RIBAG was also able to score with flexibility and speed, which was decisive for the order”.

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