SPINAled lights in the Erlöserkirche, Münster

The Erlöserkirche was built in 1949-50 by Otto Bartning and is one of over 50 emergency churches that were destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt. Red brick was used as the building material, which can be seen inside the church together with the wooden construction of the roof. However, the window arrangement allows very little natural light into the interior.

Lighting concept: 
Ludewig Lichtkonzept, Münster

Jürgen Ludewig, MLL


The constructive and formal characteristics of the church now stand out in the best light thanks to the lights from RIBAG’s SPINAled range. "Our aim was to make it possible for visitors to experience the room as a whole, as well as to emphasise the architecture and materials through light and to generally improve the lighting conditions for the various visual focal points inside the church", explains the lighting designer, Jürgen Ludewig. In the case of the Erlöserkirche, there was also another factor to take into consideration: preserving a building of historical importance, which meant that no visible changes could be made. SPINAled was chosen for the new lighting, because of the impressive technical parameters it offers and the compact construction of the lights were perfect for the planning and installation in this listed church. The use and arrangement of the SPINAled wallwashers and SPINAled mounted lights now create a whole new and impressive interplay of light and shade.


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