CHKP Rechtsanwälte Notariat

chkp. Law Firm and Public Notary, Bremgarten

chkp. is one of the leading law and public notary firms in the Canton of Aargau. At the end of 2014, the lawyers moved their offices to a central location in Bremgarten.

The interior design covers 600 m2 of spacious, well-lit rooms. The implementation of a professional lighting plan emphasises the high-quality materials and finishings, and complements the natural light which fills the space through generous windows. Regulatable mounted METRON LED lights accentuate the internal passages and provide uniform lighting wherever people may temporarily require it.

Interior design:

ERP Architects, Baden

Lighting design:
ee-design, Basel

CHKP Rechtsanwälte Notariat
CHKP Rechtsanwälte Notariat

Used products:

METRON with diffuser opal METRON with diffuser opal